What is Love?



Love can come in many forms..

Love is when two people touch each others soul.

Love is honesty and trust.

Love is helping one another.

Love is mutual respect.

Love means that differences can be worked out.

Love is reaching your dreams together.

Love is the connection of two hearts!

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love!

We love to capture these moments here and encourage you to keep and share these moments to replay over and over!


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Should I have a Wedding video!?

Corde & Raul-231

Of course your wedding day is such an amazing, exciting, nerve racking and beautiful day, full of emotions, family, friends and lots of love! At times you have this overwhelming excitement and the time seems to fly by, next thing you know you are walking down that isle you have been waiting for! You know what they say ” Time flies when your having fun!”

Weddings happen so fast and then their all over! You think to yourself, wow all that planning, it seemed forever and then in a flash it happened so fast! All you really have left are the wonderful memories and the photos, but there are reasons to ponder why you might regret not filming your wedding! This idea may not cross your mind in the beginning, but maybe it will later!

The nice thing about video is it always captures sounds and movements of moments that maybe you missed, it may capture friends and family that are now no longer with you,  your Father doing a speech, a Mother dancing with her son, or a sister laughing on the dance floor! What ever it may be, you don’t realize how important it may be at the time, but years later, you will. The chance to go back and basically relive it 10 years later, the moments and experiences, to rewind the emotions you felt in those special moments, bringing you back to the joy of your Wedding Day and after all when your kids ask you someday about your Wedding you wont have to explain or put into words, but to show those special moments makes it priceless!!

Well if these moments mean a lot to you, then these should be some of the reasons why! Each wedding has a different story,  as we create with passion our goal is to shoot every moment, capturing the emotions, the environment and all the little details of your wedding! Our lens will capture a beautiful showcase of emotions to express the beauty of your day!

We hope this helped you make your decision!


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Neil + Khushbu

That day was amazing, it was a day full of color and tradition. It was a new whole  cultural journey to me. The groom wanted something spectacular, so he rented an helicopter to do some shots from the air and meet all the family at the beach, everyone was very exited. All the family was very friendly during the ceremony. All day was nothing but happiness.


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Elizabeth + Jon

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Maria + Gene

Cancun Wedding Cinematography

Agustin was one of the most important pieces to our wedding. Our original plan was to go with photography alone, looking back that would be the biggest mistake of our wedding.  We are a New York couple with pretty high standards.  For the past few years we have attended a great deal of weddings and watched a great deal of videos. With out being biased we truly feel our video was the best. The documentary style shooting with amazing editing and the fastest delivery of the final product really sets augastine apart from the rest.  He was amazing, very easy to work with, responsible, professional, flexible, he was truly the best. We gave his contact info to our wedding planer and we can honestly vouch for him to any one that needs an opinion.  If you are looking for video please don’t look any further just reserve augaustine and you special day will be a blockbuster.


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Martha + Fran

Wedding in Xcaret Mexìco.

Riviera Maya Wedding Videography.

The Light of your love would guide you in this new route full of happines. Cinematic wedding Riviera Maya will be there with you.

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Tesi & Rich

Wedding in Tulum Mexico.


We hired Augustin to film our wedding in Tulum and we could not be more pleased with the special attention to details that he considered while filming and producing our wedding video. If you are getting married in Tulum I would put his services at the top of the list. This is something that is a MUST DO/UST HAVE. You will enjoy your specail day for years to come and enjoy sharing it with friends that were unable to attned. He was great!

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Elza + Eugen

Wedding at Riviera Maya Mexico.

An unic paradise full of mysticism and magic would be the perfect place for your love.

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Chosing the cameraman for your special wedding day at the Riviera Maya.

Years ago to shoot a wedding meant big cameras, unconfortable lights and cables everywhere, but now technology has changed creating smaller cameras with more light sensitivity. It is no longer necessary to have this equipment to capture images on HD. Real-time television has dispelled the myth that “bigger is better”.
There are basically two types of wedding video productions to choose from. The documentary and the cinematografic one. the first one is simple, very natural, the edition work is minimum and you´ll have on video your sepcial wedding day just as it happened. the cinematografic wedding is more elaborated, this format two cameras could be used even two cameras in order to capture all the details of the wedding and the enviroment aswell.
(its up to you) to choose your wedding video with a cinematography style or take the realism as a memory forever.

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Erika + Jochen


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